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Moving to Paris: a family friendly city

Paris can be a very family friendly city. It is easy to find everything you may need for your children, activities, open spaces and parks, schools and even more all to make the best of this beautiful city.

A large choice of activities for kids and adults alike

So large is the choice of activity it can be hard to not overload your schedule. To help you, here is a list of the best activities to do

Hire an electric boat

If you’re looking for something new and interesting to do, this is for you! Instead of walking along the canal for the tenth time why not hire an electric boat, no permit needed, and profit for an incredible day out on the water?

Disneyland Paris

Known throughout the world, Disneyland Paris is something to do at least once. Perfect for a family day out, this amusement park is only 45minutes from central Paris. Take the RER A to Marne-La-Vallée/Chessy and you’re there. Wonderment guaranteed!

The natural history museum and the garden of plants

The natural history museum offers the whole family the chance to spend the day together and learn while having fun. And when you’re there, have a look around the garden of plants. There you can see over 80 000 plant types.

If you want to find an activity close to your place, you can always try these websites/ applications :




Moving to Paris as a family: how to set up quickly?

Furnished rentals

You’re moving to Paris as a family and want to set up as quickly as possible? Have you ever thought of furnished rentals? They allow you to move in quickly and easily.

Why a furnished apartment?

Unfurnished rentals can be less expensive to rent, but you then have to think of either having your furniture delivered or repurchasing when you arrive; both options take time.

Furnished rentals can be a good idea if you want to move in quickly. You need only bring your bags and recover from the jet lag! You can also try out an area and see if it suits you and your family. If not, it is easy to move again, without having to think of your furniture. Click here to find out more on the neighbourhoods favoured by expatriates in Paris to choose the best arrondissement for your family.

More than just making moving faster, not having to worry about furniture makes everything a whole lot less stressful. It’s important to think about the ease of moving as well as speed, especially when there are children involved. If moving is stressful for adults, it is ten times more so for children. They need stability. Being able to sleep in their own bed from the first night helps them to start the transition to their new life quickly.

What to do if you need children’s furniture?

Even if furnished rentals have numerous advantages, it’s possible children specific furniture will be missing from the rental. If this is the case you have two options:

1/ Your rental consultant can help you to find the ideal apartment already fully furnished with everything you need. In this way, you’ll have nothing left to be done when you arrive. Specialized agencies, such as Lodgis, are at your complete disposition from the beginning of your rental search to the end of your contract, to guide and advise you according to your individual needs and the Parisian rental market.

2/ If you’ve found an apartment you like, but it is missing some items, you have the option to rent what you need from specialized sites, such as semeubler.com for example. You can choose exactly which children’s furnishings you need. This allows you to move quickly without shipping your furniture from home.

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