The first bilingual pre-nursery school of excellence. 

Paris, January, 19th, 2018


The Claudine Olivier® company is reinventing early childhood services in Paris by launching a new concept: the first bilingual pre-nursery school of excellence.


Starting in the first quarter of 2018, a new type of nursery school will be opening in Paris: The Claudine Olivier® private, bilingual, pre-nursery school. A solution designed to provide a high level of education for children and services that meet the needs of the most demanding parents.

Support for parents: personalized parental coaching, scheduling adapted to parents’ needs, digital monitoring and concierge service.

Raising toddlers is a difficult daily challenge but all too often they are the forgotten ones of the traditional nurseries. This is why at the Claudine Olivier® private, bilingual, pre-nursery school parents will benefit from a multitude of personalized and digital services meant facilitate their daily lives.

In addition to the educational team that will provide personalized advice tailored to each child and each individual family, a coach will support parents and answer questions regarding the development of their children.

Every week the best moments of their children’s lives will be captured in beautiful photos and made available on a private account (available on the AppStore and GooglePlay).

Because parents also want to increase the quality time spent with their children, Claudine Olivier® will provide them with a concierge service so they can purchase childcare items (clothes, toys, etc.) and recruit super nannies, as well.

The school is open to the world and focused on the development of the child: monthly themes are proposed, multiple awakening workshops, bilingual education, seasonal and organic food will be prepared.

Our goal is to offer what’s best for the children, to help them open themselves up to the world and their peers so they can blossom, and for older children (2-3 years old): prepare them for nursery school.

Immersed in a bilingual environment, the children will naturally and effortlessly learn English and French. Time spent at Claudine Olivier® will be punctuated by a monthly theme that consist in helping to discover a new culture. All the activities at the micro-nursery will be organized around these themes.. The activities, supervised by the teaching team in partnership with external specialists in early childhood, will enable the children to awaken their senses while having fun at the same time : initiation to music, singing, dance, visual arts, motor skills, sophrology, languages, science.

All children at the Claudine Olivier® pre-school will benefit from a personalized educational approach inspired by several pedagogical trends (Montessori, Pikler, Faber and Mazlish, etc.). Teaching will take place in a safe environment and be carried out by a dedicated, stable, and high level pedagogical and medical team, comprising the founder, a children’s nurse responsible for the team of early childhood assistants, a medical doctor and'a psychologist.

Finally, because we believe that the proper development of children depends also on the food they eat, pre- nursery/ PreKindergarten members will benefit from seasonal, organic and well thought-out food choices.

A privileged setting in the heart of Paris.

Far from bieng a minor detail, Claudine Olivier® took the utmost care to select the best possible location in Paris for the establishment of her first pre-nursery school. Far from the main roads, it is situated in close proximity to Champs de Mars and opens on a green pedestrian space. That will enable the children to spend each week in a soothing environment while also offering easy access to parents.

A first ever, in the evenings & on weekends the Claudine Olivier® pre-nursery changes into a living space open to Parisians interested in : parenting workshops or parent/child workshops.

Evenings and weekends, when the pre-nursery closes, Claudine Olivier® is transformed and offers to parents parenting workshops and to families creative, cultural and motor skills workshops. Those who wish can even celebrate, properly and with a lot of noise, their children’s birthdays.

Claudine PRIBILE, founder of the Claudine Olivier® solution, a woman with a multicultural profile, a former consultant and a fervent defender of diversity and equality between women and men.

Born in Cameroon to French parents of Vietnamese and Cameroonian descent, Claudine PRIBILE lived for 10 years between Cameroon and the Ivory Coast and spent all her summers in California with her family up until she began her professional career. Claudine PRIBILE is proud of her multicultural origin. She worked for more than 10 years in consulting and has always wanted to use her international outlook as a means to benefit of an entrepreneurial experience. At the birth of her first child, taking into consideration the current globalized context that has resulted in some people withdrawing into themselves, Claudine had the desire to set up her educational project. Working with little ones and passing on humanistic and multicultural values is also a way to help them build the tomorrow’s world.

Practical Information

Address: 22-24 rue Edgar Faure 75015
Pre-nursery opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 7 :15pm

Welcome: 10 children, From 2,5 months to 4 years old

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